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Launched in 2014, POSE/ARAZZI is a crafted fashion brand that understands the difference between fashion and style. Cementing a strong vision since its inception, this Dubai-based independent fashion label presents an aesthetic that offers timeless designs without compromising a strong creative message.

Drawing inspirations from art, architecture, the environment and subcultures of the aforementioned, POSE/ARAZZI simultaneously combines design aspects from east and west while leading a unique brand message through its use of shapes, fabrics and details.

Breaking the mould with their inimitable strategy, POSE/ARAZZI creates ready-to-wear collections as well as bespoke, made-to-measure creations for its elite fashion conscious clients; an approach that aims to maintain exceptionally high standards of craftsmanship and quality. Understanding the uniqueness of a creation and offering a client an exclusive range of designs, POSE/ARAZZI takes pride in ensuring that the use

of exceptional fabrics, trimmings and details, as well as their creative design process, is maintained

at the highest standard.

Another sign of their creativity is in the brand’s name: POSE/ARAZZI. A unique moniker that combines the concept of posing and presenting a fashionable offering to an endless stream of flashing light bulbs; it reflects the brand’s elite clients and their desire to showcase head-turning style.

Not only is the Dubai-based brand focused on designing pieces that feature ethereal details, luxury fabrics, as well as quality craftsmanship; POSE/ARAZZI crafted masterpieces aim to empower those who wear the designs by allowing the individuals to embrace their own unique characters and personalities, and display them through their own style.

Individuality and uniqueness, in both design and service, are elements at the core of this brand. 

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